How to stop my husband snoring?

You always wake up at midnight because your husband snores? If this is a situation where you are, you should know that a lot of people have the same problem. Thirty percent of world population has the same problem. But it can be easily corrected if we find out what are the reasons lie in the basis.

Solving the problem of your husband’s snoring can be very difficult. There are many causes of snoring, and you should necessarily find out why your husband snores. If you do not know the reason, you cannot carry out the treatment. You need to become a detective and investigate the causes of snoring

Let’s get acquainted with the most common causes of snoring. The following reasons are given by the extent of their prevalence, from most widespread to least common. Here are ways to combat snoring, depending on the reasons.

Stop my husband snoring. – Excess weight.

If your husband is overweight, then the fat layers in the throat may trouble his breathing at night. Then you should convince your husband that he should lose weight. If he will do a simple exercises every day this will be enough.

Nasal Congestion.

If your husband has an allergic reaction to something, it can cause snoring. Dust and mold are the most common allergens. Allergic reactions cause swelling of the nasal sinuses and the nasal congestion. Because it is difficult to breathe through the nose, so your husband begins to breathe his mouth all night, and therefore there is snoring. Another cause of nasal congestion may be diet. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt or ice cream cause nasal congestion, so your husband should not take them before bedtime. You can solve this problem by using nasal strips or salt spray. If nasal congestion is caused by infection, it will be better if doctor determines the treatment.

Medicines and alcohol.

If your husband is abusing alcohol, convince him to refuse it. Alcohol and pills (sleeping pills, tranquilizers) relax the neck muscles that cause snoring. Convince your husband does not drink alcohol or take pills and see if that helps.
Your husband has a distorted the nasal septum?

In this case, the bones of nose are in irregular position and one nasal passage is wider than the other. Breathing through the narrow passage is much more difficult and because of this person breathes through his mouth and begins to snore. Curvature of the nasal septum may be congenital or the result of trauma. Person with this problem have to do surgery. Do not worry about such an operation; it will not change the form of your husband’s nose.

Sleep apnea.

Your husband should consult a doctor if he is snoring permanently, because the reason of it may be sleep apnea.
If your husband was suffering from sleep apnea, you may wake up many times during the night. This breaks a normal sleep. Sleep apnea can be fatal. So you have to care for your husband and send him for inspection and consultation of a doctor. The doctor may prescribe to use a breathing machine. Undoubtedly, you find rhythmical and quiet sound of breathing machine better than the constant noisy snoring of your husband.

Recessed lower jaw.

Your husband has recessed lower jaw? It can cause a misalignment of the mouth while sleeping at night. Then the tongue is a barrier to air. A person begins to snore. Orthodontist can help you (he puts mandibular advancement splint). This will help to normalize the position of the jaw and as a result to get rid of snoring.


Wife in any case should not sleep in another room or go to bed earlier than her husband (in order not to hear him snoring).
If your husband snores so much, then such decisions will not save you. Remember: there is always a cause of snoring. You need to find and cure it.

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