How to stop snoring through nose?

In most cases, you can try to deal with snoring by own powers before you go to the doctor. If you have troubles with breathing through your nose – use drops and sprays. Usually you can buy such products without a prescription, though some more strong medicines still need a doctor’s prescription. People often snore when it is cold outside, when the nose is stuffed and you have to breathe through your mouth.

In pharmacies you can buy a patch for the nose – they stretch the wings of the nose, thus expanding the nostrils, and facilitating access of air. When the air enters through the nose, throat pressure is less and less vibration of the soft tissues.

Use a nasal rinses. When the sinuses clean and moist it is much easier to breathe through the nose – and, perhaps, you may to get rid of snoring through nose.

Change the way of your life. Discard the excess weight, because fat squeeze the airways. In obese people decreases the effectiveness of diaphragmatic (abdominal) breathing. Quit smoking. Smoking leads to clogging of the pharynx, inflammation, and it actually snoring.

Reduce the consumption of alcohol within three hours before bedtime or even abstain from alcohol. The presence of alcohol in the blood causes the body to relax all muscles – including the muscles of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, alcohol hinders normal sleep, disrupting habitual sleep; it can lead to unpleasant “intoxicated” dreams.

Do not eat during four hours before bedtime and do not drink coffee. It leads to such thing: the breath will require great effort and a greater flow of air in breathing during sleep. The larger air flow means more vibration, and therefore snoring.

Sleep properly. Head while sleeping should be raised. There are orthopedic pillows that do not allow the head to slide. Do not sleep on your back – the airways are squeezed just under the force of gravity. Sleep on your side. Every night you go to bed at the same time.

Maybe you have an allergy, not giving your nose to breathe normally – in such case it should be treated. In some cases you must do a surgery – a surgeon removes or rigidly secures the folds of the soft tissues that give rise to snoring. This important step should not go too quickly.

Some dental clinics are engaged in manufacture of snoring mouthpieces, a specialist will help you find the mouthpiece in the form of the pharynx – such a device would be more effective than universal holders that can be bought over the Internet.

There are other solutions to the problem of snoring that you can suggest a specialist. If you cannot get rid of snoring alone – better consult your doctor.

There are simple ways to deal with snoring – washing nasal cavities with a solution of sea salt, rolling from back to side, airing the room before going to bed, except the high pillows, the adoption of proper body position during sleep to head parallel to the body, and in the cervical region was not bending. However, often these measures are not enough.

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